Edward G. Negron

Photographer / Creative Director

At age 14, Edward embarked on a journey that took him to every continent as he sought to learn all the skills he would need to keep his vow. He studied photography, cinematography, and criminal psychology, and learned from manhunters and martial artists, mastering every fighting style. In time, Edward forged himself into a living weapon to wage war on crime and injustice and poor photography. On his return to Southern Califorina, Edward stalked street thugs as a plainclothes vigilante. Beaten by the very people he intended to protect, he barely survived his first night out. As he sat bleeding in his study at STORMGOD Manor Edward knew that he had to first strike fear in the hearts of his foes. Just then, a bat crashed through the study window, giving Edward the inspiration he needed.

Chris P.

Photography Assistant

Although many find Chris P incredibly arrogant, his skills, abilities and intelligence do support his superior attitude. However, despite this, under his father’s tutelage, Chris is learning how to better relate to others while constantly struggling with the artistic tendencies instilled in him from a young age. Although his behavior at times suggests otherwise, Chris desperately wants to become a hero like his father and fights every second to stay on the path of heroism lest his mother’s nature turn him to villainy.

Brek T.

Photography Assistant

Brek T. was taken in by billionaire and photo-friendly super hero Edward G. Negron. Edward shared his secret life as STORMGOD with the young boy and eventually molded him into a P.A.—STORMGOD’s partner in Los Angeles. But as Brek grew older, playing second fiddle to the sternest hero in the Photography League began to wear on him, and eventually he struck out on his own, staying true to what he learned as a P.A. while coming into his own as a respected member of the super hero pantheon. His code, like his mentor’s, is simple—if you’re breaking the law on his turf, watch out. Anyone who doesn’t can expect a short and most assuredly painful trip to Hollywood.